Lunch Photos

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Cajun Seafood House - July 17, 2019
What a fun day at Cajun Seafood House, 2531 Rocky Ridge Road, on Wednesday, Wednesday, July 17th! These lunches just get better and better! Thank you to everyone that came! Many thanks to Cajun Seafood House for putting up with us old Mounties!

The early arrivals for lunch.

2-L to R: Phil Teninbaum, Ken Moore, Marion Knapp Frey, JuJu Miller Beale, Norma Anderton Jones, Sharon Pardue, Debbie Davis Denson, Derry Brice Bunting, Michael Jared

3-L to R: Alice Armstrong Spearman, Johnny Robinson, Jakie Woodruff, Jack Wright,  Spike Smith, Drenna Webster Shrake, Charles Woodall, Terry Borland, Buzzy Borland, Ronnie Forrester, Doug Dent, Norman Secor, Lee Parker, Bill Grant

4-L to R: Lonnie (Marty) Maddox, Berry Duman, Ted Huck, Mae Bayliss Coshatt, Duane Coshatt, Harry McCarter, Johnny Owsley, Jim Fletcher, Cheryl Mobley Acton, Missy Carr Symms, Sig Symms

5-L to R: Ted Huck, Ronnie Forrester, Spike Smith, Drenna Webster Shrake, Buzzy Borland, Terry Borland, Duane Coshatt

6-Bill Grant, Marty Maddox, Debbie Davis Denson, Alice Armstrong Spearman

7-L to R: Derry Brice Bunting, Mike Jared, Phil Teninbaum, Ken Moore

8-L to R: Norma Anderton Jones, Jakie Woodruff, Sharon Pardue

9-L to R: Marion Knapp Frey, Johnny Robinson, JuJu Miller Beale

10-L to R: Bill Grant, Mae Bayliss Coshatt, Duane Coshatt, Marty Maddox.

11-Duane Coshatt, Buzzy Borland, Marty Maddox

12-Drenna Webster Shrake, Jakie Woodruff, Charles Woodall

13-Jack Wright, Ken Moore, Spike Smith

14-Doug Dent, Norman Secor, Lee Parker

15-Duane Coshatt, Marty Maddox, Buzzy Borland

16-Harry McCarter, Johnny Owsley

17-Cheryl Mobley Acton, Missy Carr Symms

18-Jim Fletcher, Marion Knapp Frey, Phil Teninbaum, Mae Bayliss Coshatt

19-Shades Cahaba Elementary kids - Doug Dent, Sig Symms, Drenna Webster Shrake, Spike Smith, Charles Woodall, Ronnie Forrester, Harry McCarter

20-Edgewood Elementary kids - Duane Coshatt, Drenna Webster Shrake, Johnny Owsley, Ted Huck, Missy Carr Symms, Marty Maddox, Jakie Woodruff, Mike Jared

21-Crestline Elementary kids - Mae Bayliss Coshatt, Marion Knapp Frey, Phil Teninbaum, Debbie Davis Denson, Sharon Pardue, Derry Brice Bunting

22-Mountain Brook Elementary kids - Norman Secor, Johnny Robinson, Norma Anderston Jones, JuJu Miller Beale, Berry Duman, Lee Parker, Jack Wright

23-Cahaba Heights kids - Alice Armstrong Spearman, Ken Moore


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